USS Constitution – removing the hull

The second frigate has arrived. Also from Old Modern Handicrafts. This time the famous Old Iron Sides.

As this is the second time I removed a hull, or at least the bottom of one, I documented the method.

The curve of the planking at bow and stern makes marking a waterline cut quite difficult. I used a builders chalk line on the first hull, but it didn’t work too well. This time I used a laser target.

Laser target to mark hull

You can see from the picture that I taped the laser to a block to ensure a constant height relative to the hull. Moving this around the ship, I was able to mark a series of points representing a level waterline.

Next I marked the line with pieces of masking tape. This may have been largely aesthetic but I think it made it easier to make the cut. Maybe just wasted some time to allow me to get more comfortable with taking the saws to the model.

Here is a final picture of the newly cut Constitution next to the Surprise. Foreshadowing the many battles to come.


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