Hexton Hills Map of the Warhammer Empire

The Paints I used – mostly GW Contrast Paints.

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  1. Amazing job! This is a great use of the contrast paints, I love how it turned out.
    I see some tiles that are not included in the official Hexton Hill files. How did you make them? I can see how the port was made but have no clue how you did the city Middelheim and the capital Altdorf. Would you mind going a but into detail?
    Best regards, TheAngrySeba

      1. Incredible work! Looks fabulous!
        Could you share where you got some of the alternate city bits – cathedrals, towers with pointed roofs, castles with different spires?

        1. Thank you. There are a couple castles from Thingiverse in the mix and one of the buildings from a Harry Potter Hogwarts model. Most of the spires are harvested from other HH tiles though. The round tower roof is off the sorcerous spire.

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