6mm Forests, Roads, and Hedges

Last week I made some terrain for 6mm gaming.

  • Forests: Foam board, Rubberized horse hair, Clump foliage, hot glue gun
  • Roads: Acrylic Caulking
  • Hedges: Coffee stir sticks and Clump foliage


2mm MDF cut with jig saw and edges beveled with hand lathe
Foam board glued onto the mdf to fill the forest
Painted to remove the pinkness
Here is the rubberized horse hair I used
Ring the foam with the rubberized horse hair
Wrapped in rubberized horse hair
Here is the Clump Foliage I used
First create a canopy
Then an overhang
Ready for basing
Closeup on basing with 6mm French


Squeezed out onto cling wrap and then smoothed with fingers
This is a bonding agent, works like Acrylic Caulk, just stickier
Roads lined with hedges


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