10mm Medieval Houses

This week I’ve been working on designs for lasercut 10mm medieval houses for Warmaster.

I’m using card stock as it is less smelly off the laser than the mdf and at this scale I don’t need the structural strength that mdf gives.

By using  colored card I can significantly reduce painting time and the different thicknesses make it easy to create depth by layering.

These are a bit boring still but as I get comfortable with the base structures, I’ll add chimneys, dormer windows, balconies, turrets, shutters and the like.

One of the primary drivers to design these myself was to get the saggy/sunken roof look right. I’ve used strips of card with the topmost a crescent and then put tile textured piece on top.

Here are a couple of shots with some miniatures.¬† I’m pretty happy with them so far.

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