Carentan Meeting Engagement

Carentan – Sunday, June 11th 1944

American forces landed at Utah and Omaha move towards the crossroads city of Carentan. The city is defended by Major Von Heydte and his parachutists of the 6th Fallschirmjäger. The 506th regiment of the 101st Airborne approaches Carentan coming from the North. The infantrymen must seize the city in order to allow the tanks from Utah beach to cross it without being worried by the snipers.

The Germans plan to move 17th SS Panzergrenadiers into Carentan but are delayed at Graignes and suffer transportation issues as a result of Allied Air Power. The plan is then changed from reinforce Carentan to withdraw the 6th Fallschirmjäger and counterattack on June 12th.  The withdrawal from Carentan is the first battle from the Band of Brothers Carentan episode. The counterattack is the second – also called Battle of Bloody Gulch.

Premise: What if 17th SS PG had been able to arrive on the 11th? A bit of cloud cover and less tenacious defense of Graignes may be all that was needed.


Photos form our game are here. Forces below:

506 PIR (US Airborne)
1st Lieutenant
4 Squads with BAR and 2 SMGs
2 MMGs
2 Bazookas
Pack Howitzer
Light AT Gun
Forward Artillery Observer

2nd Armor (US Armor and Armored Infantry)
Captain, Medic
3 Squads with BAR and 2 SMGs
2 MMGs
4 Bazookas
Medium AT Gun
4 Shermans, 1 Stuart, 1 Scott
Forward Air Controller
1 Jeep and 7 Halftracks

17th SS PG (Panzer Grenadiers)
Captain (Reg) Staff Car and Medic
2nd Lieutenant (Vet) Schwimwagen
3 Squads of pioneers (Vet) 3 Halftracks
2nd Lieutenant (Reg) Halftrack
3 Squads of PG (Reg)  3 Halftracks
2 Squads of PG (Osttruppen) 2 Trucks (Inexperienced)
MMG, 2 Mortars and Halftrack
2 Panzer Schrecks (Reg)
Heavy AT Gun (Reg)
LiEG (Reg)
Forward Artillery Observer (Reg)
Halftrack with Quad AA (Reg)
3 STUGs and 1 Marder III (Reg)
222 Armored Car (Vet)
234/4 Armored Car (Vet)

6th FJR (German Airborne)
Major (Vet)
3 Squads (Vet)
1 Sniper (Vet)
Panzerschrek (Vet)
FAO (Vet)6thFJR


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